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Yet another new LCP owner (s/n 371-00xxx)

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For the past several weeks I've been researching handguns since I plan to attend a local CHL class by the end of Jan '09. I was really interested in the Kel-Tec and Ruger .380 since they are easy to conceal. All of the local gun shops said that the LCP's have been sold out in the area for the past couple of months (thanks to Obama). A few weeks ago I was able to find a new 2nd gen parker/green P3AT (JTSxx), a few extra mags, mag ext's, and some ammo for a respectable price. The day after Christmas I purchased the 870 Express 20" 8-shot since I didn't own a shotgun.

Fast forward to this past Monday. After I got off work I decided to stop by another local shop to look around for a bit because I wanted a quality 9mm for the range as well as SD. It was a toss up between the G19, M&P9c, and the XDm9. The shop had all 3 available, and after I fondled all of them my heart was set on the XDm9 2-tone. They also had the XDm40 in 2-tone black & 2-tone od, but I wasn't really looking for a .40 since ammo costs more. I was also still interested in the LCP but they were OOS. The salesman said that a couple of them were on order, none were spoken for, and they were going to be marked $299+tax. He wrote down my contact info, and since it was 5 min. till closing I played it nice and told them I would come back sometime tomorrow. Tuesday rolls around and on my lunch break I drove down and purchased the XD9m. This afternoon they called to let me know the LCP's arrived and they were post-recall models (371-xxxxx). A few hours later I scooted over to claim it, and as I was checking out some other cow poke purchased the remaining Elsie.

Hopefully I will be able to hit the range in the next week or two for a break-in party. ;)

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Welcome to the forum and WOW!!!.... Santa sure was good to you.....

Process serving with a smile.....
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