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Sassi said:
I got the below email from Wolff Springs this morning. Apparently they never had any interest in replacement springs for the Kel Tec P3AT, from what I have heard. Now after reading this email it seems they really do not have any interest in replacement springs for the LCP either. My LCP throws brass what appears to be 15 to 20 feet into the air. That right there to me at least is an indicator I need stronger recoil springs. I guess I will have to do what Jocko suggested and get me some 13# springs made for the Kel Tec 32 caliber pistol. Is there any other spring companies out there who might make stronger recoil springs for the LCP? What company makes the recoil springs we have now in our LCP's? Anybody know or care to guess what company? That would be good to know.

This is the email they sent to me. "Thank you for writing and interest in our products. We do not have any springs specifically for the Ruger LCP at present. The LCP uses a dual spring recoil system which presents a few problems from a manufacturing point and increases the cost and time required to manufacture replacement recoil springs. We're a small company and we have to put our R&D time, effort and money where it will have the greatest impact. Until there is a larger market for replacement springs for this pocket pistol, I do not see replacement springs being available in the near future. Having said that, things can change both from a market position and time position, that will alter our present situation. Magazine springs might be a different story but we'll have to get a pistol or at least a mag in house for examination to see if any of our exiting magazine springs will fit or function in the LCP."

Sorry we can't offer more assistance at this time.

John Andrews
Wolff Gunsprings
I'm confused,your LCP ejects brass 15 to 20 feet and you want stronger springs, correct? I reload my brass and I can't say that I want to chase brass to much farther. Perhaps your saying stronger springs will reduce this distance. If this is true won't you be taking a chance of jams with any lighter loads than you are currently shooting.I guess I'm just not a fan of re-engineering something like a hand gun.
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