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Where to Buy: Bersa and the Scherer (Keltec) Finger Extensions

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The Scherer is easy to find. The Bersa not so easy. Here's a source for both. I have ordered from them and had no problems. For the Scherer, I would check Ebay first.
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Re: Online source for the Bersa and the Scherer (Keltec) finger extensions

I prefer Scherer extensions since I have them on my Glock 27....I have not seen any reference to any for the LCP, yet. I have the one that fits the KelTec and Ooben's nifty spacer, but would but I have two more mags that need the extension.
Re: Online source for the Bersa and the Scherer (Keltec) finger extensions is a SUPERB seller.......bought from them several times and services is excellent!
I have the NAA on mine. Will do until LCP has its own.
On Ebay I found a "buy it now" deal on the smooth type - like Bersa. Two for $9. + $3. s&h.
Another $1. for two O rings and I have two extensions for $13. ... ;D
Personally, I had still rather wait until Pearce comes out with theirs that are specifically designed for the ElsiePea!
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Thread is no longer a sticky now that the Pearce LCP finger extension is out, ditto for the optional LCP magaizne with Ruger's proprietary finger extension. The Bersa, NAA, and Keltec (Scherer) finger extensions served us well as an interim fix and a few folks came up with creative ways to hide the gap but thankfully them days are over. :D
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