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Where did you find out about

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To be honest, Im not quite sure, Im on so many sites.
I found out about it because someone mentioned it on XDTalk. I don't own a Springfield but I read some of their other threads. Especially when the LCP is mentioned.
Some one on XDTalk told me about it because I was asking a question about Ruger LCP. Since then I have told about 5 others on XDTalk, acting like the all wise.
Thefiringline, some one left a link :) I,m glad they did.
While reading the Firing line forum.

While searching for the best deal on a couple of magazines (which I used a promo code posted up in one of the threads so off to a good start) I found the forums and decided to join up and here I am. :D

I found it in the Ruger forum at Glock Talk.
We sig guys like a little handfull of fun also.
From the proselytizing of my friend Howard C. 8)
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1 - 20 of 78 Posts
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