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Me and the lady decided to do Christmas presents with each other after Christmas and I got a new LCP today! Yee haw! Went to a gun shop yesterday and he had one for $350 and would not budge on the price. Went **** hunting last night and one of the fellows I hunt with said another place had just got one in. I sent my wife down there today while I was at work and the good Lord must have wanted me to have it cause we got it for the price I was willing to pay! It's a 370 w/ diamond, come with gun rug, mag w/ finger extention and also has the regular plate with it. I'm going to a gun show in the morning w/ my dad and going to look for a holster. Me and dad shot it some today and I think he's taking a likeing to it. Amazing how good it shoots to be that small. Thanks for all the good reading on this sight! I'll really be reading now!
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