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Walther PPS / Ruger LCP Comparison

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Just trying to understand????????????

jocko's ex-girlfriend states," that size does matter", and Yankee2500 stated," that his wife thinks his lcp is an desert eagle". so, in correlation of the two above posts being in close proximity of each other; one can conclude that it is possible, and probable that Jocko's ex-girlfriend just might be Yankee2500 wife.

just coincidental i suppose, but makes you wonder????????????????????? LOL,guys

Yankee2500 comparsions are correct about the guns, i have handled both. i do like the black Walter PPS(9mm), i wished ruger would venture out with a project like that.
it all comes down to personal preference, i have a g36 and it is not really that much thinner than a g19 or g17 were talking maybe one hundredths of an inch in difference about the same size of the g19 with less capacity---mine has 7+1 because i use the pierce grip extensions.

i don't get into the caliber debate because i find it to be irrelevant with todays modern ammo most of the time in most cases. i like the fact that if my .45 fails to expand than it is least a .45 size hole. as far as concealed carry is involved i don't find it any harder than any other gun to conceal because you must dress around the gun.i have even carried my g17 in my pocket before and nobody knew--- i wear carpenter jeans and t-shirts in the summer and pullovers in the fall and winter.

so, the point is what are profiecent and comfortable with?? because it all boils down to putting those bullets where you aim them whether it is a .380 or a 10mm.

Another point to make is what are you most likely to carry???????? most chances when you make a trip to the local stop and rob, you will just grab the car keys, and go to the store leaving that .45 at home or in the car of which is useless when you need it.

The last point is know your capabilities and the limits of your firearm, and to know that is to train,train,train.

personal note -----i wouldn't carry any weapon below a .380, the .380 is my limit for a reasonable defense caliber with of course premium ammo.

i would feel confident with my little .380 or my 9mm or my.45 or the 10mm that i used to have. i would prefer the 10mm or at least a 9mm ,but most of the times i would probably be carrying the .380. practice is the key!!!!!!!!!!! I am no expert , just a man that trains to get better and has learned thru common sense and experiance.

now if you buy a Walter PPS and just want to give it away, i would gladly ease your burden.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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