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Walther PPS / Ruger LCP Comparison

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John, difficult to compare the two really because the Walther PPS is a 9mm vs. a .380 and quite a bit more expensive than the LCP so it's a bit of apples and oranges. I will say however being the owner of two Walthers - a P99 in 9mm and a P99c in .40, that the current crop of Walthers are super weapons and it's a shame they don't get more attention. Part of the problem is that that Walther is currently distrubuted in the US by S&W and as we all know, S&W is pushing very aggresively the M&P at the expense of the Walther.
Got it! :)
xenicintelligence said:
Just trying to understand????????????

jocko's ex-girlfriend states," that size does matter", and Yankee2500 stated," that his wife thinks his lcp is an desert eagle". so, in correlation of the two above posts being in close proximity of each other; one can conclude that it is possible, and probably that Jocko's ex-girlfriend just might be Yankee2500 wife.

just coincidental i suppose, but makes you wonder????????????????????? LOL,guys

Yankee2500 comparsions are correct about the guns, i have handled both. i do like the black Walter PPS(9mm), i wished ruger would venture out with a project like that.
LMAO at that one. Jocko, I think he may be right. ;D
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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