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Victim Free Zone(.380 Ruger vs. 9mm Springfield)

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We had a "clearly justified" homicide shooting here in Hamilton Co., Cincinnati, last month. This area of s.w. Ohio has become a liberal enclave during the past ten yrs., but Prosecutor, Joe Deters, is a shining light in the progressive muck.

Also I was pleasantly surprised that the news account included the makes and calibers of the weapons involved and referred to the .380 Ruger as a "semi-automatic". Sounds like the reporter knew her breech from her butt.

Who says the .380 is not a one-shot-stopper?!

?Clearly justified? is how prosecutor describes woman who fatally shot Pony Keg robber
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I'm not sure it is a Ruger, look at the white lettering on the slide. It could be a Walther pk380.
It sounds like a great idea to go talk to the lady and ask a bunch of questions but she just killed a man. That experience may bother her for a while. Den
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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