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I loaded up 20 more rounds at an oal length of 3.226. Use the Wilson case gage I made sure they completed the plunk test.I went with 50.0 grains of 4064 because I thought maybe it didn't have enough pressure to cycle the rounds. So I went up a grain. I also ensured all the primers were seated correctly and deep enough. I went to the range and blew a primer out of one the rounds the 9th round i think. And the tenth jammed causing me to disassemble the rifle at home. Then I went out back and shot the following 10 i had with no issues. I believe maybe that primer pocket could have been loose. My only concern at this point is this odd circle with dimple. It appears to be the same size as the primer. The ones on the right were shot first. So I'm not sure why if it was the primer that its continuing to leave that mark after the primer left the action and made its why up into the fore grip on the browning mk3.
Bonus : The gun store at Rochester, NY just received new inventory last week.
The earlier the better.

Waiting for your answers please !

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