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After 1,550 plus rounds my Ruger LCPII22LR is still running and I have no issues. With x5 mags and testing the LCPII22LR over some time now it has been reliable. Enjoyable and easy to maintain.
Ruger LCPII 22LR
Hogue Beavertail Grip
Patton Kydex Holster. love the Ruger pocket holster it came with)
-x5 10 round Ruger Mags(the mag loader makes it easy to load)
*I have tested many ammo brands with good luck. The following is what I use and stick with.
CCI MINI MAG 22LR CPRN 40gr. fps 1235
CCI MINI MAG 22LR CPHP 36gr. fps 1260
Blazer 22LR 40gr LRN 1255fps
Blazer 22LR 38gr. 1235fps. LRN
Remington Golden Bullet 22LR 40gr. 1255fps. Plated RN
Federal 22LR 36gr 1260fps CPHP
*Anyone else shooting this Ruger LCPII22LR with any reliability?
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