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Trigger reset test

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Is this a valid test? I read someone's post suggesting that light strikes were due to inproper trigger control - doesn't seem likely if this is a valid test:

Unload the gun.
check to make sure
check again
rack the slide and release - it is now half-cocked
check the loaded chamber window- still empty ?
Pull the trigger - dry fire - and hold it back
Rack the slide and release
check the loaded chamber window - still empty?
S-l-o-w-l-y release the trigger; stop when you hear/feel the first click
Can you now pull the trigger and cause hammer mption? (not on my post recall 370-42xxx
probably not a good idea to pull very hard ... I feel a little give, but no hammer movement)
slowly release the trigger to the second click.
Now you can pull and the hammer will move, right?

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Mitch, you mentioned problems while using Wolf ammo. I went through two boxes of Wolf with numerous FTEs and one light hit. Other ammo seems to work fine. Wolf leaves a lot of dirt behind as well. No more for me!
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