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Traveling with your LCP by AIR - The Software

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Traveling by air requires planning in addition to that related in the thread for traveling by car.

I carry three or more documents which may be needed to help provide additional training to airline counter personnel and TSA personnel about the rules for carrying firearms by air. ::)

Since airlines can impose restrictions in addition to the TSA rules, it is helpful to include theirs as well.

Travel with care and arrive with protection.
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Two thoughts I forgot to include.

The form you fill out should be placed in your luggage, not in the hard case. Many airline counter personnel don't understand this. Suggest, don't argue.

Some have had bad experiences when informing the airline counter personnel they are declaring a firearm. One counter agent yelled down to a supervisor, "This guy has a gun." I'm thinking about creating a card with the declaration and the instructions on it to avoid this and other embarrassing incidents when declaring a firearm.
I once was in a long line in front of the ticket counter. I declared an unloaded firearm in my check in bag, the clerk says he has to see that it is unloaded. I asked where are we going to do this? He says right here. I racked the slide and people behind me were taking cover. Point is call ahead and talk to a supervisor. Things will go much smoother.
An addition I've just added to my "Travel by Air" kit. It is titled "Prepare for Takeoff, Permitted and Prohibited Items," published on the TSA website.

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Thanks for the info, this should be a big help
I second that Thank You to HowardCohodas that is very valuable info that I will be using next week.
The approach that works best for me is to already have out one of that particular airline's declaration tags from an earlier trip (if I've previously flown with them) and hand it to the attendant saying, "I need to fill out ANOTHER one of THESE." This keeps verbalization to a minimum and gives them a clue that you have done all this before and hopefully helps them find a similar form with less hesitation.

I try to fill out two new ones and place one inside the pistol case and the other in plain sight NEAR it where someone opening the outer luggage could not miss seeing it.

inside the bag and readily visible I also have my cell phone number printed on a sheet of paper in oversize numerals just in case I'm not within ear-shot of the public address system when/if the TSA needs to contact me.

Great additions. Thanks.
The TSA has updated their prohibited items brochure. The images in reply #3 above are now updated. The new brochure can be downloaded from here:
I recently flew from ATL to Denver and back with my LCP. I quietly informed the agents that I was checking a firearm. There were no problems with them not knowing proper protocol, shouting "this guys got a gun!", or asking me to prove gun was unloaded. They asked is it unloaded, I said yes and the tag went in the bag.

This was my first experience with airtravel with my handgun, and it was smooth as silk. I hope they are all this way, but I'm a realist and know they won't.

Thanks for all the info Howard.

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