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Got into CZs a decade or so ago
Thought I wanted a Browning HiPower, so I bought one (on-line)
But luckily for me, the deal fell through
Had a chance to shoot a BHP a couple days before the deal for mine was finalized
Found-out (painfully) that its short Beavertail and my tendency for a "High Hold" are not compatible .... at all :sour:
Heard about CZs from a co-worker and found a nice deal on 75B-SA and a (Factory) Matched KADET Kit
Loved how the CZ felt in my hand and its natural point is unbelievable ... so .... NATURAL !
And the KADET as it turns out .... incredible accuracy !
It will out shoot most .22 Pistols out there
A few years later, I put together a custom CZ75 DuoTone Semi Compact that replaced my Delta Gold Cup as my DtD
A Stainless B Frame hosting a Semi Compact upper .... and of course .... a few added touches for good measure !
There's something about the Semi Compact system that has really caught-on with me
Here are a few Pics of my little CZ Family of Pistols
The B-SA; with a set of Hogue Grips and Fully Adjustable TPU Rear Sight added:

The KADET mounted to the B-SA Frame:

The DuoTone Semi:

The DuoTone (before the Trigger swap) hosting the KADET Kit:

And the DuoTone hosting the B-SA Upper:

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Good looking family and collection. We started to look at CZ for a change at the range before the issues with the pandemic and now the unrest. Our LGS and others locally are now out of stock. Hopefully when things settle down we can get back to choosing one. The ones you have here I really like. Seriously jealous now.
*My goal was to get a DA/SA that I could enjoy for range shooting. CZ was at the top of the list. I love their other offerings too. Just need to get educated and rent some to see if I like them. Ammo, availability, and prices are through the roof.
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Yeah, CZ has a lot to offer
As I mentioned; I really like their feel and their Natural Point is un-match, IMHO
I am not into Poly Guns, but the new CZ "P" Series is said to be exceptional
If you haven't visited it yet, check-out the (CZ) Forum I'm on most:
Like here; a lot of amazing Members and a ton of great info
Follow one of my Friends, Joe L
He's our age and an incredibly accomplished Shooter
He has a great deal of knowledge and experience with most of the CZ Models
Personally; I like the Models that sport the Extended / Up-Swept style Beavertails
They support my "High Hold" Grip style better
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