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The Beginner's Guide to Concealed Carry

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Nathan W. Collier [url] said:
[/url]The first thing to learn (which will be demonstrated later) is that in regards to concealed carry,
everything is a compromise. You sacrifice caliber for capacity or overall size, features for cost,
sight radius for concealability, etc. Get used to this concept now as it will be a factor in every
decision you make from this point. There is no perfect gun, there is no magic bullet, and despite
my best efforts (in this message) there is no one size fits all.
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This is a pretty good read. Thanks Howard :)
Well that's very interesting. Saved it for another read later. Thanks
There is a lot of very good info here. Thanks for making it available.
Thanks for the info. Really an eye opener for me,as Im new at CCP.. I havent found an acceptable method of carrying my CS9 SW compact. Or Airweight 38spcl. Dont like the ankle holster I purchased, Have gained weight ,so in the waist or out side the waist arnt working either. So far, can only carry back up in wallet holster comfortabley. I suppose suspenders would help my situation ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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