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TESTERS NEEDED - LCP Magazine Base Plate

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Hello all,

I am looking for a few people to test out some parts that I am selling on eBay. I need some feedback on comfort and value so I will happily send a free set to the first 3 people that express interest here. These baseplates are compatible with the LCP 380 I and II. If you are interested in testing them, please DM me and we can coordinate shipping. Here is what the baseplates look like:

Musical instrument accessory Guitar accessory String instrument accessory Wood Gun accessory

I designed these LCP magazine baseplates to be more comfortable than the ones that came from the factory. They are similar to the factory pinky extension but with a larger lip for your ring finger to get a grip onto. In my experience this helps with grip during the snappy recoil of this little pistol. Your pinky finger will not have a place to rest so it will have to curl under the bottom of the baseplate similar to the factory flat baseplate. The parts are 3D printed on my machine from a plastic called PETG that is very tough.

I am selling the baseplates here: 3D Printed Finger Grip Extensions - Ruger LCP 380 | eBay

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
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