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One of our newest members, Todd Green, has a web site devoted to teaching and learning shooting. He is knowledgeable, clued in to the business, has lots of manufacturer contacts and is a first rate instructor. Most of all, he is generous with his time as anyone reading his posts on our forum can see.

About the said: is intended to be a source of information for anyone involved in teaching or learning about pistol skills. Competition, personal defense, law enforcement, or just plain recreation … we hope to provide thoughtful and helpful articles for all your interests.

This site is 100% free. There are no “member” areas and no fee to register. We have no advertisers or sponsors. That’s because isn’t a business. It’s a resource for anyone interested in learning about the science, art, and/or joy of shooting pistols.
One shortcoming to being a fan and friend of Todd's is that it costs me money. His drills inspire me to practice more. His evaluation and review of important accessories, like the XTI Procyon for my M&P 45 inspired me to add it to my kit. Practicing and acquisition of important tools rapidly depletes my shooting budget. :'( But it is worth it. ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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