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Taller MK-IV iron sights to co-witness with red dot sights

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Does anyone have a source for slightly taller iron sights for the MK-IV, or a way to raise the factory sights about 1/4"?

I have found a couple of red-dot adaptor plates that can direct mount the small red-dots much lower than the Pic rail adaptor models do, but will still need to raise the iron sights about 1'4" to bring them up into the optic below the dot. The plates are about 0.28-0".32" tall to the bottom of the optic. "Suppressor height" iron sights should work if anyone has a source.

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I am also looking for taller sights!
I finally found a good selection at Dawson Precision for the Ruger 22-45 that fit the MK-IV Target. It fits the round barrel and screw holes perfectly, but the base of the sight is not quite as long, so I had to re-blue the imprint of the old sight. Dawson Precision
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