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Surprisingly accurate!

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So today was my first day at the range with a new 371 series (using a mag with finger extension). I must say I was very surprised at the accuracy of this little pistol. I've trained with many weapons over many years (mostly with an M-9) and had recently been using a NAA 32ACP for CCW. At 25 ft with the LCP I was in a 5" pattern magazine after magazine! That could not be done with my NAA. This was using generic range mandated ball rounds.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced this surprising accuracy or did I get lucky with this build.
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I'm sure that he won't like me to brag for him, but our own forum member ToddG has shown his students how to hit a plate target at 75-yards with an LCP! Todd is the competition shooter/trainer of and will not brag for himself, but I thought this was impressive enough to pass along.

Now let's all get out there and aim our LCP's at those long targets. Whatever one man can do, another can do. (Well maybe not me so much.)
well, how do you do that 75-yard thing? Aim high?

I have only shot 100 rds through my 371# . Coming from SA shooting, I found the DOA pull a little of a challenge. I found that I had to have the front sight higher than the rear sights or the groups would be 4 to 6" low.

I just need more practice...and more ammo
Yes, your POA would need to be higher than your expected POI. This is the kind of shooting that I could only dream of doing myself, but Todd G is a competition shooter and firearms trainer, so it would be more natural for him. Todd G is on these forums from time to time, so you may want to ask him how he does it. He is a nice and helpful guy.
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