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Strike 2 with new LCP II

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Recently got a new LCP II and unfortunately it is on it's way back to Ruger for a second time. This issue I am having is that when you seat a magazine with the slide locked back, using the same or less force than is required for my LCP Custom or Glock 43, the top bullet in the magazine is rising up just enough that the round will not chamber. This causes a jam sufficient enough that the magazine will not release, and the slide cannot be manipulated to clear the round. The only way to clear the malfunction was to press down on the top bullet to force it to align on the feed ramp or reset in the magazine to chamber. I also had several double feeds as well. Ruger customer service was very friendly, paid to have the weapon FedEx to them and back. They said they didn't find anything wrong with the weapon and adjusted the magazine. I told them I was able to duplicate the malfunction with several magazines and 4 different types of ammo, so I was fairly sure I would have the issue(s) again. I got 12 rounds through the weapon before I had the same issues, in fact they got worse and one of the jams required two people to clear the weapon. The manual does say that it is "not necessary to slam the magazine" to get it to seat properly, but again I'm not using excessive force or anything that my LCP Custom can't handle. I know the LCP II is pretty much a complete redesign, but this should not be occurring. I have not read almost anything on multiple forums with people having a similar issue(s). My hunch is that there is something internal in the grip that is causing the magazine not seat correctly. Thoughts?
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maybe for clarity.
gen1 sn w/ dash
gen2 sn w/o dash
II sn starts with "38"
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