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Shout-Out From The People's Republic of NY

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Greetings from Upstate NY. After 6 months, I FINALLY got my NY permit and a new LCP (370-40XXX) and found this site. Both the LCP and this forum are awesome! NY gun laws are not :mad:

Mr. Lucky

My name is Mr. Lucky 'cause I am
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Hey Mr. Lucky, welcome to the forum, and congrats on you permit! I imagine that is somewhat rare in your state :)
Welcome fellow New Yorker. Nice to have you as part of the forum. Didn't take me that long to get my permit, was done in 2 months. That was 4 months ago and since then the LCP has never left my side. Just ordered the CT Laser and can't wait for it to come.

Good luck.
Mr. Lucky, welcome from a former upstater, Orchard Park, south of Buffalo. Now from the sunny and mostly snow free south, NC . John
Welcome Comrade! From the Peoples Republic of Illinois
Welcome from New Hampshire ( live free or die )
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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