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Should I buy one?

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I know that most of you will be biased toward you LCP as are most owners of anything they own.
I carry a Glock 26 but would like a lighter pocket BUG for those times when I can't carry the 26 which is too big for pocket carry.
I also have a Ruger Mark III 22/45 for practice (and love it!)
I'm debating lots of sub 15oz guns including:
S&W 442/642 - at 15oz empty it maybe a bit heavy for pocket carry but .38+P would be nice. I hear the stories of internal lock failure/problems so would likely search for a no lock version. At ~ $400 is still afordable.
S&W 340 - at only 12oz unloaded it would be a good pocket bug. Also shoots.38 and .357 both of which are supposed to be quite painful in this little wheelgun but I don't plan to shoot any pocket pistol much except to practice. Quite a bit $$$$ at $700+
Kel Tec P3AT - As you likely know a little .380 like the LCP. Affordable but depenable? said to not be built as solid as the LCP.
LCP - this is were you could fill me in.
Please try to be objective. Mention what you like and dislike about it. Would it buy it again if you had to do over?
I guess I'd feel safest with a S&W wheelgun in my pocket but would love the lighter weight of the little autos.


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I have a S&W Mod 36, not exactly a lightweight, it kicks like a mule with +P SD loads
My Sig P232 is a babydoll to shoot with Hydra-shoks
They are both my BUGs and carry well with Mika's Pocket Holsters.
When Elsie comes home she will be my BUG and the other two will by my Safe Queens.
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