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Security 9 Recoil spring and Guiderod

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New here. Curious what everyon’s opinion is on the Galloway precision stainless steel Guiderod and recoil spring? Especially the higher spring rate of 20 lbs? I spoke to a few people and have got different views on this subject. The higher spring rate is only beneficial if you are using higher pressure ammo. Is that correct? So for everyday range practice ammo, 115, 124, 147 grain, there is no advantage to using a higher recoil spring rate? Thanks for any clarification on this topic!
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A slightly stiffer recoil spring is a good way to reduce muzzle rise for quicker followup shots. The kit for the P Series was a 12 pound spring, to replace the 11 pound factory spring (along with a hammer spring and a firing pin spring).

I always liked the feel of the 12 pound spring, whether I was firing 147 grain +P, or plinking with 115 grain, even reloaded ammo with a slightly reduced charge.

There is a large crowd with opinions against this, who argue that recoil spring MUST be selected so that the brass lands precisely X number of feet and inches from the shooter, the factory knew what that exact specification was, and that's why they selected the stock spring.

I'd like to put stiffer recoil springs into some of my Rugers with the compound springs (LC9s and P93), but there are none sold. For me, it's on the list to do to every firearm along with night sights and grips.
Springs are usually not very expensive, and can be easily reversed if you decide you don't like it.
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