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Rumor: New .380 ACP Ammunition Tailored for the Ruger LCP

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Guns Holsters and Gear - July 2nd said:
According to Michael Bane’s blog, a major ammunition manufacturer will bring a new .380 loading to the market that is specifically designed for the Ruger LCP. This is exciting, as two current problems exist with the current crop of ammunition and the LCP.

The first problem is the .380 ACP cartridge is an underpowered chambering. Generally, the .380 loads are weaker than what is available for the .38 Special. For self defense, you need all the bang you can get.

The second problem is I have been getting some reports that the LCP is ammunition sensitive. Some popular cartridges are not feeding properly. This, of course, is a HUGE problem if it extends to the entire line of LCP’s and not just a few examples. One of the reports was posted as feedback here (scroll all the way down).

Time will tell who brings what to the market. However, Bane has a lot of good contacts and I expect this information is very reliable.--
The Michael Bane Blog - Monday said:
I wanted to mention something about guns that wasn't about gun control. The cherubs and seraphim tell me that a major American ammunition manufacturer is getting ready to pop, so to speak, a high performance .380 round tailored specifically for the little Ruger LCP. Well why not? With sales still grinding through the stratosphere, the little LCP has redefined "pocket pistol" and given the long dis'sed .380 a quick poke in the butt. Mine is the very definiiton of "reliable" and it's now generally stoked with Cor-Bon DPXs.
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I don't see very many reports of the LCP being finicky with the current crop of ammo. I also don't think any other manufacturer is going to make a huge improvement over the above mentioned Buffalo Bore +P loads save for a .380 "magnum" loaded to max pressure for the LCP only. I'm no designer/engineer but the pistol doesn't seem that much more stout than the Kel Tech maybe you could elaborate.
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