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Ruger's finger extension

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Are you supposed to place your pinky finger on the extension or under it?
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Fizzgig said:
I just received my Ruger extensions yesterday and put them on. I was anticipating being able to get my pinky on it since I have small, but manly, hands. *puffs chest* The pinky is no-joy 'cos it hangs off way too much. But, I did an A-B comparison with a stock mag and it does feel better. My third finger barely rolls off the bottom of the stocker. It doesn't come close to filling the extension, but it feels better just the same.

I imagine no one over the age of 14 would be able to whole hand it.

The Pearces look a smidge larger so I ordered a pair of those to try.
The Pearce is a little longer than the Ruger and it feels more comfortable to me.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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