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Simply amazing! A "keyboard engineer" over on RFC posts that he has worked over his Ruger Mark II pistol so that now, this pistol defies the "laws of physics". I'm thinking "frictionless" means there is no rubbing (friction) between any of the internal parts involved with that pistol (?). The bolt must ride on a cushion of air, and then we can assume there is no friction against any parts involved with the trigger.

Well, I know that fella pretty well. He sent me at least three emails asking, and then begging, to get me to install two closed bushings into his Ruger Mark II pistol hammer.
He wrote that he felt that I was the only one he'd trust to get those bushings installed so they would work, but then, he did send me two sets of bushings, just in case. So much for "faith". I told him, several times, that his plan was a bit flawed involving his design, and even quoted him an outrageous price to discourage him. Didn't work. In his post over on RFC, he mentions how long it took to get his pistol to the point where it all came together as being "frictionless", leaving the reader to assume he, T_E, was doing all this alteration himself. Read on. This is my lathe grinding set-up to get the hammer bore opened up to the proper press fit diameter for the bearings he sent me:

So now, if T_E left the impression that he did all this work, how did I get his hammer set-up in my lathe? And how did I get to take pictures of the hammer modification after the fact? And, obviously, I had no need for the extra two bushings, as the fit involved with two had the bushings working very well. The outside race on the bearings is a tight press fit, the internal, smaller race, rotates very smoothly, but it's hardly frictionless, as he claims:

But, after all, this is the internet, invented by one of the biggest "phonies" ever born, Al Gore. So, I guess we can expect to see this sort of "fake post" stuff just as often as we hear about all those "fake news" organizations.
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