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My LCP II 22 has been troublesome from the beginning, but I am not giving up on it, because I really like the idea of the gun, especially as a cheap trainer for my LCP Max.

It has been plagued by FTF (or so I thought)..

I sent it back to Ruger, and they replaced the barrel and sent it back.

The gun has about 500 rds through it so far.

I only use CCI minimag 40gr, the best I can get. Of my 22's, all of which have minor issues (leading me to have low expectations for 22's in general), this one stands out as worse than the rest. It sometimes can go 30 rounds without a problem (which apparently it did at Ruger before they sent it back), but more commonly fails at least once per mag.

The problem remained after I got it back, this time I attempted to diagnose what actually went wrong (I should have done it the first time, I just called it failure to feed). Turns out what is actually going on is the slide is locking like it would on an empty mag, except the mag isn't empty. I have three mags, it doesn't seem to be mag related. And that is the only common failure mode. So this could be a great 22 if I can get this problem fixed.

I checked my grip, my thumbs are nowhere near the slide lock button. I have seen others with large hands (mine are small), that believe they accidentally hit the slide lock in youtube demos. Based on my experience I think this may not be the case. Rather some of these guns spontaneously slide lock when they shouldn't.

So any ideas on what could cause this? If it's something I can fix I will, otherwise it goes back again.

Thinking about it a little bit, I wasn't aware the slide lock lever can engage during a normal firing cycle. So I looked and I see a little lever that the mag follower has to hit to push the slide lock up, so it depends on the mag follower spring being stronger than the slide lock spring that pushes down. And the spring that pushes down apparently isn't strong enough to hold it down during a slide cycle. This is all theory though. Do you think I could just remove the spring and stretch it a bit maybe?
Holding your right thumb higher on grip ( I think they call this a thumb forward grip) basically up against the slide release will solve the problem of slide locking back. It will also defeat the mag MT lock back. There are aftermarket triggers that you can install that require the lock back to be removed, this will also solve the problem. If the gun doesn't fly out of your hands or does not end up pointing nowhere you aimed its not "limp wrist"
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