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Ruger clip with extension or "generic" clip with Pearce extension????

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Ruger clip with extension or "generic" clip with Pearce extension????

I'm ordering up a couple of clips with extensions for the LCP. Anyone have a opinion on which is the better way to go.

A couple of Ruger brand set ups are $58 and a couple of set ups with the "generic" clip with added Pearce extensions would come to $51. Frankly, the extra $7 is a non-factor if one is better than the other.

Someone mentioned that the Ruger set up curved more at the end of the extension and was more secure feeling.

Someone might know if one funcions better than the other as far as the clips themselves go. etc. etc.

Any thoughts will be welcomed.

I may even order 4 set ups, come to think of it. No doubt I'll go ahead and and get some night-sighters grip pads and who knows what else. Dress the little gal up a little.
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Re: Ruger MAG with extension or "generic" MAG with Pearce extension????

I have the Pearce grip extensions as well as the keltec extensions, the Pearce feels too flat to me compared to the keltec extension, IMHO the magazine (not clip) feels more controllable with the Pearce vs no extension at all but the keltec extension feels like it was made to be on the end of the magazine compared to the Pearce.

with that said, I have 4 mags and one has a Pearce extension on it (its in the safe) one has a keltec extension on it (its in the safe) and 2 I kept the original ends on them and they sit in a Holster because they print less than the mags with extensions. I have 2 keltec extensions in a box with a Pearce extension unused because thats what I bought. I look forward to getting my "free" Mag with the Ruger extension when my recall box arrives, I suspect this will be the most comfortable but since I don't own any yet I can't say for sure.

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