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Range Report

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I took my LCP for first time tring to break it in. I was expecting to experience some type of failure FTF, broken trigger, or FTE. The pistol worked flawless. I set the target for 15ft and did HORRIBLE. ( I'm still not the best shooter.) After resetting the target to 10ft :-[ and about 50rds later I got use to the trigger. The next 50rds was shot at 15ft and did 3-4in grouping. ;D I was amazed how accurate this gun shoots. However I did have 1 FTF due to oily hands not racking the slide enough. Not the guns fault. I cleaned everything after 100rds to make sure there wasn't any mechanical issues. The LCP is a great gun but not so pleasant to shoot.
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Glad to hear everything went well. I agree that its not the most pleasant pistol to shoot. I usually only shoot 3 or 4 mags through it everytime I go. But with the size and the reliablity of the LCP, I personally have no problem using it as my EDC. ;)
I shoot my 1911 for pleasure. The LCP because I have to. Maybe it won't bother me but I've shot little 9x18's, .380's etc and not one of those little buggers was enjoyable to shoot. My first range session with the LCP will be this Sunday at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix AZ.
I'm still a relatively new shooter. My only handguns are the LCP, M&P 45fs and M&P 45c. I really like shooting all of them. I like the 45c the best, followed by the LCP. I don't find it any harder to shoot than the M&P 45c and it's fun to shoot. I've had no hand discomfort from any session I've had so far. I think the most I've shot at one session with the LCP was 50 rounds.

Good luck with your shooting experience.
Guess I am a odd one, but I love to shoot the lcp. I have no problems after shooting a 100 rounds with it and when I do decide I want to put some serious rounds through the little gun, I just put on a pair of fingler less bicycle riding gloves that I buy at Wam-mart for about $12. the palms are padded and it is all leather made and gives that extra comfort for shooting alot of rounds. If 380 ammo was lower in price I would be shooting it as much as I do my 9mm. Takes alittle time and rounds downrange to get the true feel of the lcp, trigger pull is long, no sites to speakoff, a Point and Aim gun but again for me a real job and fun gun to shoot...
Thanks for the report, and welcome to the club! I'll bet that as you get used to it, you'll find it more enjoyable to shoot. I was impressed by how comfortable it was compared to what I expected.
I got my LCP yesterday after a short 3 weeks wait. I shot 50 WWB rounds through it with no problems and 14 Remington Golden Saber through it also with no problems. The gun is fairly accurate and yes, the trigger pull takes some getting used to... I like the gun - especially since it had no problem.
Took mine to the range last weekend and ran 175 rounds through it. These included 100 Magtech FMJ loads, 25 Hornady JHP and 50 Golden Saber rounds. 4-5 times the slide stopped about 1/4" from lockup and could easily be pushed closed. More of these occurred toward the end of the session when the gun was dirty. Does this sound like normal break in expereince to you?

Try taking the barrel off then with the ammo you are experiencing this issue with, try dropping in barrel if drops in flush and comes out easy then try greasing or lubing rails but if ammo does not drop in flush then you could be having some of the barrel issues that I have been hearing about, then call ruger and send barrel in to be rethroated. I myself have only been using one ammo so I need try others to make sure this is not a problem for me.
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