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A couple weeks ago I had the chance to take the LCP out to the range and was anything but happy with the gun heres the thread.

This week I had a chance to go out again and am nothing but pleased and I now have 100% confidence in the LCP.

Here goes, the last time I took the LCP out it was nothing but jam after jam because the rounds would not feed correctly into the chamber (Federal American Eagle) and it was an all around bad time, I thought about the problem and my father and I made up some dummy rounds (6) which were just unprimed .380 brass with a bullet pressed into it, loaded the rounds and hand cycled them through a few times (70-100 times), cleaned and lubed it and hand cycled the dummy rounds through another maybe 50 times and put it away until today.

I brought 200 rounds of ammo with me, 2 boxes of Remington UMC and the remainder of the American Eagle from the last time. I ran half of one box of the UMC through it without a failure of any kind and decided to try the AE, again flawless for a whole box, ,went back to the UMC for the remainder of the box and then my wife put 3 mags of the AE through it, all flawless. Then it was onto 2 mags worth of Golden sabers and once again flawless. I ended up putting all of the rest of the ammo that I had with me through the little pistol that could except for 7 rounds of Golden Saber which permanently reside inside Elsie. I did have 1 failure to feed but I cannot say for certain that it wasn't my fault as it was the first shot I took one handed with my weak hand so I may have been gripping it lighter than I should have, either way it was one FTF out of just over 200 rounds.

All of this was done at roughly 10-12 yards and I find the LCP to be very accurate for what it is. I was able to hit the target with every shot and all close enough to the bullseye that if it were a BG they would have been good solid center of mass hits. I fired one handed on both sides and was as accurate as I would ever have to be, I fired rapid fire and slow and steady and 2 handed, everything went where it should have. I have 4 magazines, 2 have finger extensions and 2 do not, I have large wide hands and I have to say that the finger extensions give a lot of control for me, its just plain old more comfortable. the non extension mags worked just as well but I found that I had to hold on a little tighter or else the grip seemed to want to slip up after the first 4 rounds and I had to adjust my grip somewhat, I did notice that it wanted to shoot a bit low but that was easily adjusted.

A fella in the next lane had a couple of Kel-tecs (P3AT, and a P11) and I let him run 2 mags through the LCP (looked like win white box he was using) He thanked me for letting him have a chance to shoot it and said that he was now sold and was planning on picking one up.

My wife did not like shooting the LCP at all, she said "I don't like it" and didn't shoot it any more than the 3 mags. My faith on the other hand has been restored in the reliability of the LCP and the PPK went back into the safe as of this afternoon and the little Ruger has earned a spot in my pocket. Now to get this recall business taken care of ::)

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