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Today I decided to put 100 rounds through my LCP by running the Dot Torture Drill at the normal 3yd and then again at 7yd.

First 50 rounds, at 3yd, were OK. I scored 50 (out of 50) on the drill. Had one light primer hit, probably due to short striking. Also, one time I pulled the trigger and it seemed like the gun wouldn't go off, but then it did, catching me by surprise ... luckily the sights were still on the target.

Then I ran the drill at 7yd. Shortly into the drill I had another instance of the trigger pulling all the way back and not firing. This time I slowed down to pay attention to what was happening. The gun was discharging when I released the trigger. So pulling the trigger didn't set off the gun, but then when I went to take my finger off the trigger, the gun fired.

This happened three more times in about 20 rounds, for a total of five such malfunctions.

I've put the gun up on the shelf until it's time to go in for the recall fix, at which point I'll also let them know about this problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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