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Question about the LCP

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I have a P3AT & am about to throw it into the trash for the usual reasons most of you are aware of. Absolutely can not rely on it feeding the 2nd and third round. Even sent it back to the factory at a ship cost of $50, all they did was polish the ramp, took 6 weeks. Am considering the purchase of a LCP, have alredy ordered a laserguard and holster. Have read most all the posts regarding this weapon, so many problems stated but hopefully the "371" models have fixed all the bugs.? Some one stated the mag for the P3AT is the same as the LCP, does this mean it will fit and work OK? Why do I see so many references to "elsiepea" regarding the LCP? What does that mean? What is a "light strike"? Thanks for reading.
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In my readings about the P3AT and the LCP...The P3AT mag will work in the LCP but the LCP mag won't work in the P3AT.
I have a little over 100 rounds of various HP and RN bullets through it including some BB HRN 100gr and not one hiccup. I've mixed up the rounds in one mag and it didn't care what was in the hole.
I would not hesitate carrying it as a primary piece if I had to.
kraigster414 said:
LCP and Keltec P3AT mags are NOT interchangeable in the LCP. And even if you have a P3AT mag that does function in your LCP, I would NOT use it as your carry mag. Ragu, it's just not worth taking a chance. For the price of 5 good cigars stick with the LCP mags. We want you to stick around for a while.
I totally agree with you, Kraigster. I would never ever use a foreign mag in any pistol.
I was just relaying what I read in Gun-Test Magazine.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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