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Poll: Age Distribution of Forum Participants

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I thought it might be interesting to know the age demographics of the participants of this forum. I'll go first, so the second voter will know my secret.
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LOL... Life is good, I'm not the only oldster here. Pushing 61 next month and counting down to Dec 31, 2009 and FULL retirement (semi-retired now).
51 and wondering where has the time gone ???
So far, its seems like I am the baby of the bunch :p Only 1 poll for 31-40, and thats me at 39
64, retired 2 years and hope to never work again. Loving every minute of each day.
We're 27 here -- both just started teaching jobs, so we have a long way till retirement, but at least can have temporary "semi-retirements" during summer! ;)

This sounds like a fun forum -- We love the LCP!
I'm 54 and also wonder where the time went
25 years old here. 30 more years till I retire! :eek:
But fortunately for me I absolutely LOVE my career! I went from driving trucks to building race cars to chasing bad guys. This one pays the best and I have a blast doing it... ;D
49 and getting older and trying to get wiser by the day.... :D
At 67 I guess I'm one of the older bunch. Still work and try to shoot competitively although that is not as good as it use to be. Another guy and I have a small business with a few employees so I have to keep it going.
75 here. Still enjoy trips to range, which is the easy part! The hard part is getting all the parts in sync so I can enjoy while I am there. Took my LCP out for only the second time today and was able to get a 2" group at 7'. This little jewel is a keeper!!!
double nickel fer me...............still kickin at the devil
61 Years young here ! I am looking forward to retirement in 4 years.
73 Big 'uns, So I guess I fall in the minority in more ways than one!
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sexty five and have been retired since 1991. ;D ;D ;D
1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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