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Please help with your State's CCW training requirements

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Howdy folks, I’d like to enlist your help to build a database of sorts of the various states CCW Permit/License training requirements. Below are a couple questions, and if you could supply any information, it would be much appreciated.

1) Your State?
2) Does your state accept a DD214 as sufficient training?
3) Does your state accept a State or NRA Hunter Safety Training as sufficient?
4) Does your state accept any of the NRA Basic or First steps courses as sufficient?
5) If your state “requires” or accepts (in lieu of NRA training) it’s own course, did you have to fire a pistol?
a. If so, how many rounds did you have to fire?
b. At what distance from the target?
c. Was there a accuracy requirement? And if so what was it?
6) Is your Permit/License “Firearm specific”?

Thanks for any information you can offer.

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M_E_ said:
In 6 more weeks, we are NOT going to need ANY training for CCW !!

I do NOT agree with this for obvious reasons. I do it for a living! We will have a drop in customers for a while but most intelligent people will realize that they should have SOME training. Even my retired FBI agent friend went 3 weeks ago & got trained. I was busy & he preferred to get trained by a stranger.
I really hope that the folks will take the money they saved not having to get a permit and use that for some practical training. I shoot with a former LEO - firearms instructor - range officer and he gives me good advice everytime we shoot. And I've been shooting almost forever. ;D
Plus, there are still a lot of advantages to getting a permit such as not having to get a background check every time you buy a gun.

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