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Picked this beauty up.. MK I Target

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Picked it up at a local auction last night. Dont have my hands on it quite yet but will this week. Got it for $400, which I thought was a good deal. It is 1979 vintage according to the serial number and is in great condition with 3 mags.
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Hello and Welcome to the RPF! Beautiful MkI T678...Congratulations!! (y)

I have a 78' that also looks and shoots Great. I find the balance and accuracy with the Ruger wooden thumb rest grips greatly assist my POA! I'm sure you'll enjoy yours! :cool:

Thanks. I already know I will love it. I liked shooting my dad's Mark III Hunter.
I have the MkIV Hunter that shoots very well, but do find the MkI T678 to be a little better balanced with a faster swing to POA! ;)

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On Monday, I'll have another MkIV, a 6" Standard (Upper that is...$35 clearance from VQ...just had to do it)! ;)

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