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When I purchase any pistol, especially a specific pistol involved with being a personal "life insurance policy", it's my preference to have that certain pistol work to my expectations, first time, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.
I've been shooting and evaluating a recent purchase of a Ruger LC9s 9 mm pistol for a bit over a month now. For the most part I like this gun and would trust that it will be a great partner, now, if ever I were to encounter a "nasty situation", which I do pray never happens. But if it does, I will surely be prepared and unafraid to act. Here are a few of the "modifications" that I've made, not one modification has made this pistol less safe, mechanically.
The first modification that I performed for a pistol that ONLY I will be involved with concerns the magazine disconnect:

As for me, and I actually haven't been there yet, close, but not to fruition. I don't want this pistol to be inoperable without a magazine inserted, only because I just might have one round in the chamber.
The next item I concern myself with is as to HOW magazines perform for what they NEED to do:
I have found, and any of you may differ on this, but my testing tells me that the LC9 & LC9s magazines made in Italy perform much better than those that are made in the USA. I know it's sad, but that's what I've found:

After firing a couple hundred rounds of 9 mm through this pistol, I found one issue that annoyed me to no end. The trigger guard cutout in the front slot of the grip frame was extremely sharp. After pulling the trigger and having said trigger return to position, an extremely sharp edge in the front portion of the trigger slot would catch the skin on my trigger finger. Now, this wasn't overly painful, but it certainly was damn annoying. I felt that this condition took my focus off the concentration involved with shot placement of the next round:

For my comfort, that sharp edge definitely had to go, so more disassembly was needed to get to the point where I could smooth off that sharp edge and make it more of a radius that got along better with my trigger finger:

One of the more functional issues that I became concerned with, involved the sharp edges around the mouth of the chamber and the feed ramp. From my past experience those sharp edges can and will impede a smooth entry of rounds entering the chamber. What I have found, is that when I judiciously radius the chamber mouth away from the manufactured sharp edges, the rounds feed much more smoothly and don't shave brass off the cartridge case upon chambering:

Now, anything and everything can be over done, especially with firearms when modifying them to act more with ones liking, so if you don't feel comfortable with performing any of the aforementioned modifications, please, consult a local 'smith who will work with you on what you'd like to have done. Consider the cost involved and then the costs of replacement should anything go completely south during self attempts.
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