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"Pay it Forward" - Turn Your Old Treasures Into Someone Else's New Treasures....

This section is different from most threads in that the intent is to "Turn Your Old Treasures Into Someone Else's New Treasures.” Once an item has been posted and someone claims the FREE item they in turn need to likewise post a FREE item as well. The idea is to "turn your old treasures into someone else's new treasures?" Here's the idea: I will put some of my "stuff" up for grabs that I don’t want or need anymore. If someone wants it, they simply ask for it. I will send my item to that person...on my dime. The person who gets my stuff will, in turn, put something up for grabs on this thread for someone else to grab. It can be any kind of accessory...brass, dies, a holster, a scope, scope rings...whatever.
Here are the rules:
(1) You must meet the same twenty five minimum post requirement that applies to the WTB/WTS/WTT section.

(2) Each item should be posted as a separate thread (NEW TOPIC) in order to reduce confusion. Whenever an item is claimed, the thread originator will either delete the post or will contact a moderator requesting that the post be deleted. As a courtesy, when you receive the item, please let the sender know.

(3) If you take must give something in return of equal or greater value. Please do not take something unless you too will add something to replace what you received.

(4) Members should NOT post their mailing addresses or other personal information in this room. Instead communicate that information via private message (PM) or email.

(5) This is not a place to ASK for items you want that have not been put up by someone. Any posts on this order will be DELETED.

(6) The purpose of this section is to help our members help each other. If you see anyone selling their free gifts on another site, PLEASE let one of the moderators know.

(7) There will be no mention of for sale or for trade in this room - directly, indirectly or any other way. Violators will have their posts deleted - period. We have a classified section and that's where those posts should land.

If you have questions or issues please contact one of the Moderators for assistance.

Please identify what you are offering in your thread title. For example: "PIF: Nemesis Holster for LCP"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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