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Orange dummy magazine for LCP

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My EC9S came with an orange dummy training magazine. With the orange mag inserted, racking and dry fire practice becomes easy because the slide doesn't lock back like it would on an empty mag. Also the magazine disconnect is disabled.

Does anything like that exist for the LCP? Specifically, I've got an LCP Max and an LCP Lite Rack in 22LR.

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That sounds like 3d printing would be your solution. Based on True Grit's comment, it also sounds like you might be the first person to come up with a reason to need one.

I did a Galloway trigger kit on my LC9s, and that eliminated the magazine disconnect, but I still store it with the orange dummy mag in place, just out of habit.
Looking through the ejection port, with the slide open, I don't see the top of the dummy magazine engaging anything, I have to take that to mean that it would be engaging only the missing magazine disconnect mechanism.

You might be able to make a dummy magazine out of the body of a regular mag. Remove the follower, and maybe chop/cut/grind the top of the feed rails off so that only the magazine disconnect is engaged when it is installed in the pistol.

You'll need to paint it or in some way make it very obvious that it is not one of your regular magazines that functions with live ammo, for safety.
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