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Got my 3rd LCP a couple of weeks ago and noticed it came with a USA made mag. Finish wasn't as good, and it didn't seat well at all. Took the power of Thor to actually get it to 'click' into place and even then sometimes it would not. So I tried the older Italy made magazines in the new gun and they snapped right in, like normal. Took the USA mag to the range and it worked fine, no issues, but it still sucks that it doesn't seat well. Called Ruger and the lady told me that they had had an issue with the base plate being too thick, and so I compared and sure enough it was noticeably thicker. Ruger is sending me a new Italy mag, but I also changed the base plate out on the USA mag with an extra one from an Italy mag and now my USA mag works great. Just thought I would share if anyone else has this issue.

Also, while I was out shooting I swapped the post 2013 recoil spring out with a spare older recoil spring set I had (the one with the flared end inner) and vice versa and both LCP's worked fine. Just thought I would share that as well in case anyone has a bunch of spare parts for older LCP's and then got a newer one.


Edit: I did search for these two specific issues and did not hit upon anything, but just now I found a thread related to them, so I apologize for the redundant thread.
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