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Non-Junk Ankle Holster

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Does anyone know of a real, quality ankle holster for the LCP? I bought one from one of the major plastic manufacturers hoping it would turn out to be a viable option, and it's crap. Uncomfortable, unstable, unyielding. The plastic holster itself is a poor fit for the LCP, although it retains well enough, but holds the gun a good half inch off the ankle, which is not conducive to comfort or concealment. The wide velcro strap does little to stabilize the holster and I gave up on it quickly after having a gun around my foot more than once in a fairly public place.

So I need something that is leather or good cloth/nylon, will mold to my leg, and has a secure method of retention (like a garter that goes around the top of my calf).

I would buy something from my usual leather supplier, but they don't make ankle holsters. Mind you this is always a backup gun for me, I'm just looking for an alternative to pocket carry. I'm carrying a big .45 on the hip 24/7 anyway.
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I use one made buy Bulldog. Had to resew once (holster to wrap) but have had no trouble since. If I were to buy another one I would just take it to a sewing shop and have them sew with nylon from the start and not worry about it. I think it was about $8.00 and it is very comfortable. Sometimes I forget I have it on.
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