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A Ruger New Model Single Six came in the shop recently with a complaint of the hammer feeling gritty during cocking. It most certainly did and having little experience with the model I thought it was just dirty, but upon disassembly that was not the issue. There were a number of roughly machined parts interacting inside during cocking and it was difficult to isolate just which pieces were dragging roughly against each other. Eliminating a few other suspects by honing and polishing and not solving the problem I discover the culprit on the back side of the sear portion of the trigger
Bicycle part Composite material Auto part Metal Bumper

The surface indicated in the picture was roughly machined crossways, opposite, to the direction it slides against the hammer before engaging the sear notch in the hammer. Carefully diamond filing out the machining grooves and polishing to 320 grit removed the gritty feel of cocking the hammer. Care must be taken to not alter the sharp corner, edge, adjacent to this surface as it is this edge that engages the hammer in the cocked position. Be certain to keep the polished surface flat and square to everything around it. Although the mating surface of the hammer wasn’t bad I lightly polished it as well since it was worth addressing while I had it apart. Be careful in this too not to in any way alter the cocking notch in the
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