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Recently joined after reading threads for a couple months regarding Ruger pistol for a purchasing decision .

My first pistol was a Mark I. I bought it in the 60's when I was 14 without parents permission or knowledge. Wow, can you imaging a 14 year old doing that now. I did'nt kill anyone or myself or shoot out windows accidentally.

Sold the Ruger and bought a S&W 38 revolver when I turned 18. Worked in LE during early 70's where revolvers were the only option permissible. Bought, sold, owned and carried a variety of firearms up through the mid 90's, reloaded my own ammo and participated in shooting competitions.

Had a Ruger GP 100 in the 80's - 90's.

Got out of shooting as a sport in the mid 90's and my collection dwindled to 1 (non Ruger) pistol and 1 shotgun.

Returned to shooting sports and carrying in the fall of 2020. Bought a LCP II, several non Ruger compact 9 mm pistols and recently the MK IV 22/45.

Plan on competing in steel and clay at local gun clubs if my aging eyes will let me. There should be a class for old guys like in sailing, golf and other sports.
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