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New Member From Southwest Florida

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Greetings form Southwest Florida.

I'm happy to have discovered and now joined this great group. I have been pondering the purchase of the LCP or the P3AT and because of this site decided on the LCP.

I believe that the P3At is also a worthy product and it was not an easy decision. But, based on input I received from talking, in person, with a couple of actual owners of each pistol as well as info form this site and from the Kel-Tec Range site I decided to go with the LCP. It is now on order with a loooong waiting list in front of me.

I appreciate all the good info I have already gleaned from this site and look forward to participating with you all in future discusions.

Regards, RDMRS's
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Hi Red Dot, welcome to the forum! It's a great place to shoot the breeze about most anything....
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