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New Member from AL

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Hello, My name is Matt and I live in Anniston, Alabama. I got my LCP about a month ago, and have fired it twice. So far so good. During the Summer time in the south it's hard to carry my Glock 23 concealed, so the LCP was a blessing in disguise without having to totally give up some knock down power.
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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum! I know what you mean about not being able to conceal a larger firearm, when I picked up my LCP the temperature was right at 102 degrees, it's hard to cover a 1911 wearing shorts and a t-shirt :D
" Take a Drink",
" Take a Pill",
" Give 'em Hell... Jacksonville"
" GO COCKS ".......... :eek:

early 70ties cheer from football games at Jax St.

Welcome from yur NorthWestern neighbor.
where ya shoot at down there ?
It sounds like not too much has changed at JSU since then. I will graduate from there in April. I joined a range out near the Anniston Army Depot called Moss Branch. For a hundred dollars a year they give you a key. Beats spending a hundred for a couple of hours at an indoor place.
Hello and welcome to the forum ;)
Welcome from the north, North Carolina. John
Welcome from TN!
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