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I mis-posted this under new member introductions, so I am reposting my first shoot of the LCP.

Well I got my LCP on Tuesday and went to the range yesterday. I bought it from a guy who put 9 rounds thru it and decided it was not the gun for him. $315 with a box of shells.
I put about 75 rounds thru it and had 3 or 4 FTF instances when the slide did not close completely. A light tap with my palm on the slide closed it and it would fire. I shot CCI Brass and Winchester BEB and the Winchester seemed to cause more of the jams. The BEB has the tip open to the lead not covered by the jacket.
Once I figured out where to aim with the almost non existant sights the accuracy was excellent. The guy next to me said "daaam* that little thing is accurate!".
After coming home and reading a few posts on the elsiepea forum I did a feed ramp polish with a q-tip and Bombs Away polish and painted the sights so I have some sort of reference for aiming.
I had to go to Bass Pro to find a defensive round in .380 so I plan on getting out again today to make sure the Golden Sabres feed and check the ramp polish and sight paint.
I have enjoyed reading and learning info. about this great little gun on the forum!
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