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New LCP with damaged part

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I bought a brand new LCP at Cabela's, during the first field strip and cleaning before shooting I discovered the guide rod looked like someone grabbed it with a pair of pliers and twisted it and put several serious gouges on the rod. Ruger is sending me a new guide rod but said it will be a few days before they can send it because they are so busy. It's been 10 days, have not shot it yet, still waiting for part. Will it hurt to shoot it with the bad G rod? :(
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Hi winken, welcome to the forum! The guide rod on mine looked like what your's probably does, I smoothed it up and have shot close to 400 rounds with no problem so far......fingers crossed :)
New G rod came today, tried out the new LCP. 24 rounds Mag Tech and 24 rounds WWB, (fmj) perfect...... ;D
Great! Keep those rounds going down the tube!
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