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Never really introduced myself - KY

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I have already devoted countless hours of browsing and reading to the forum. This community was one of the reasons I purchased the LCP. I was looking for a small carry option while I was also thinking about getting my CCDW permit. I'm a big Springfield Armory fan and thought I could get away with carrying a sub-compact .40, but for me it wouldn't be practical. When I do get my permit (it takes about 3 months I hear to get through all checks) I think I'll be pocket carrying or IWB with the LCP.

I'm also looking for a nice .22 semi-auto pistol to offset the costs of shooting higher calibers. Basically something to scratch the itch and not cost an arm and a leg to shoot. I held a Walther P22 a few days ago that felt like a dream....Any ideas?

Louisville, KY
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Welcome from Georgia, Congrats on your LCP purchase,they are hard to find around here.

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