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Need to resolve FTF issues

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, just ran across it today.

I've had my LCP for a few months, and it's been back for the recall. I like the pistol a lot, but the problem is I'm still getting FTF's in the form of light primer strikes. The ammo will always fire on a second try, if I reinsert into a mag. Have noticed that I only get the FTF's when I load up the mags with a full 6 rds. If I use 5 rds, no FTF's.

After searching the forums today for related posts, I think I've narrowed it down to the most likely possible causes for the light primer strikes:

1. The ammo itself. Although I don't think this is it, because it does always fire on the second attempt, and I've gotten some misfires with both Magtech FMJ, and with DoubleTap (90Gr Gold Dot JHP). Just ordered some Win White Box FMJ, and will try this next time at range to test a 3rd ammo type.

2. The magazines. As noted, I could MAKE the issue repro if I loaded 6 rds into a mag. And it seemed to happen equally on 2 mags that had the Kel-tec extensions, and the new Ruger mag with OEM extension. Although to be safe, after reading the forum today, I removed my Kel-tec mag extensions. Question: Do the Ruger mag extensions cause any issues?

3. Short-stroking the trigger. I don't THINK I was doing this, but will check it out next time at the range.

Any other tips or suggestions of things I should check?
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maximus83 said:
I've started carrying it anyway, because I figure what the heck, I don't have another BUG, so if this works I'm better off, and if it fails, I'm no worse off than before, without one. But I'd like to think that this thing is at least LIKELY to work, should I ever need it. :D
On the other hand, the time you spent drawing it, aiming it, pulling the trigger, and then the pause before you realized what the "click" sound means to you immediate future, you could have spent running. Better to be 100% sure it'll work.
maximus83 said:
Ruger told me they don't recommend the stuff, but wouldn't tell me why or give any technical specifics. Not very convincing.
I'm sure their lawyers have something to do with that.
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