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my newest handgun

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I've recently rediscovered the subtle pleasure of shooting airguns - not the least of which is the ability to have a pistol range in my basement. My first handgun was a Crosman Model 600 CO2 .22 semi-auto. I've had it about 45 years and it shoots as good as it ever did. It costs about .04/shot, so it makes for a lot of good cheap practice. The world has several hundred fewer starlings and crows in it due to this fun little plinker.

But the real champ is a Model 1377 .177 that I just got. If I do my part, it does its part. I use 3/4" stick-on dots on 4"x6" file cards as targets. Does that ever force concentration and trigger control. At 7 yards the dot is about 1/3 the width of the front sight.

These were from 7 yards using a high stool as a rest and a rifle style hold (the gun itself is quite long) - 10 shots


One flyer - can't blame it on the gun, darn it!

Sheet of 8.5x11 paper, six 3/4 dots, 7 yards.

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The wife and I bought each other back yard plinkers this year for Christmas, She got a Daisy CO2 BB pistol. I got the 1377. Both are a hoot to shoot. The 1377 has been quite accurate even shooting the cheapest pellets I could find. I, too, find it a throwback to days of wanting one of those old Benjamin pumps and having to settle for a Daisy.
I hear ya. I got a 35$ Crosman with a 130$ Aimshot red dot sight on top of it. It keeps critters off of the bird feeders around my house.
This must have been one of the post that got erased when we had that little glitch. This is my basement shooting range.
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heck with the prices of ammo..i've considered buying a nice cant beat the cost of ammo for it!
I picked up a Crosman MkII at a flea market for $20. It was pretty sorry-looking, with lots of paint loss and a wobbly barrel, but it looked just like a Ruger .22. I took it apart, put it back together correctly, put in a CO2 cylinder, and proceeded to shoot very nice groups. It's good practice for my MkIII.
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