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Finally received her from my brother in LA via UPS on Thursday.

S/N: 370-57xxx w/the diamond stamp. Came with in a cardboard box, padlock, in a soft case, one regular mag and one mag w/the finger extension. The expended brass included showed a test fire date of 09/19/2008.

Took her out to a friends house to shoot off his patio (lives in the boonies) yesterday and put 50 rounds of Remington UMC 95 gr. through her without a jam, FTF or a dropped mag. My friend has a K-T P-3AT and he experience one jam 1/2 way through a mag when shooting his 50 rounds of the same ammo. Laying the pistols side-by-side, and it's amazing how alike they are! The Ruger just seems more polished and my friend really wanted the LCP, but couldn't get one so settled for the K-T.

Grip felt fine, recoil felt fine, sights tough for my older eyes to use, but the pistol is fun to shoot! Didn't discern a real difference in comfort level between the two different mags. I fired a mag of ammo through the Kel-Tec and the finger pull on that felt a little better to me, but who knows?

Shooting at 8 x 10 targets printed off my computer. Finger pull will take LOTS of getting used to! Really makes me have to (over?) concentrate on a smooth pull to fire. Will have to buy some snap caps to practice this to get better. Shooting at the target 10 yards out is a tough shot for this neophyte, but I was hitting it better than my friend who is a retired Army Ranger Col. - he is not amused! Did do 2 mags at rapid fire and cannot miss the target page - what else do you want for a BUG? I think if you were ever really in a situation that you needed to use it, that would be the condition for me; point and shoot - JMHO, though.

Took my Ruger Blackhawk .357 along and was easily placing shots into a very, very tight group. ;D

Happy with the purchase and will now work towards getting my CCW license next month.
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