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7,228 Posts may not be "scientific", but I think it's quite indicative of the general mood. Only pro-gun folks visit msnbc? Not exactly a website conservatives flock to based on their (msnbc) latest polls.....Fox, yep, a conservative bastion.

Anyway, I believe this was a poll conducted about a year ago (11-17-08). It was open to all readers and under the "Education" menu at the time. Scroll down and the poll is quite visible as a link. I would bow to a fairly large margin of error, as msnbc suggest may be the case. However, 82/18 is a landslide beyond reasonable statistical margins, IMHO. If anything, the inherent sampling bias in this poll compared to the general U.S. population would have heavily favored a "No" vote. The opposite occurred.

I'd be a happy camper in Vegas any day with those odds in my favor... ;D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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